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Drakenhold Game Group Public
Fez Sinister's Lair
2018-04-12 07:21:50

The Drakenhold game group is looking for new players. Currently we are playing classic D&D modules using the Labyrinth Lord system.

If this sounds like your thing and you live in the Newburgh Indiana area please contact me.

The details: We game on Fridays at 6:30pm till 11ish. We often meet beforehand to eat at a local restaurant but this is not a requirement to be a member. We are a group of guys aged 40 - 50 but we are open to members being of different ages and genders. Both new and experienced gamers are welcome. We play in FezSinister's medieval themed game room and if you become a regular member you will get you coat of arms up on the wall permanently.

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