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2014-03-07 17:09:02

Greetings all,

I am a very long winded person so bear with me. It seems every lead to meeting gamers is a site that no longer hosts much traffic and when you ask someone, they give you generic site answers. This is for us! Please aid me in trying to get enough tags for this list to populate searches. A good list of game seekers in the area for those "hey let's game" nights etc we do not have to search through over and over. Contact me ( or post here. Seems everywhere someone is wanted a group, yet nobody replies to offers to have them so HERE I AM. Take the first step and contact me and I'll take it from there. The list (should we want to do one) is for current updates and for everyone in the are to use when they need to fill a spot or looking for something to do. On to part 2!

The details for Us: Lower-Mid 30's couple (former military) with 2 kids (they go to bed) that often host a casual, random, game night a Saturday a month or so. Break the cycle nights. Come have food (pot luck) and have a good time killing a few hours. We have a usual crowd of 4 and with distances, getting to 6 is 50/50 and when we get 8 is rare but we always try for these nights. We have fun with it too, try to have a simple theme or a rule night or something random and off the wall that doesn't really affect the night but just make everyone look forward to "what's next." What games you say? Too easy, ANYTHING for some of these less experienced gamers that help make it a light fun filled time, but if you like RPG's/Warhammer and the likes (I love GAMES), still let me know! I do those things myself and am also looking for a group or trying to run one for newer interested players via Google Hangout/Post etc to play.

We have parking, a house, food, hell we will let you sit down! All we ask is for your humor and respect towards others. Ages are quite varied, but adult. Simply put, be the interactive community type person humans were designed to be. Bring a friend! Seems dates lack sometimes on the site so for reference (March 7, 2014)

Again that's I email peeps and they never respond, perhaps old posts so hit me up and I'll take it from there.

**In fact we are looking for 2-4 people suddenly for tomorrow night! Let me know!!**

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