Gurps Players in East Texas?

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2011-06-28 02:43:29

Hey folks, I'm brand new to the NearbyGamers community and I'm looking for GURPS players of any experience level in the Tyler, Texas area.

I've been running GURPS games (and a few other systems I'm no longer interested in) since 1988, though I haven't run a real game in a while and haven't run many 4th edition games. I like all genres and, though I don't have a campaign ready to start I am looking for people that like to roleplay more than roll-play that can handle a thinking, non-clichèd style of play.

My campaigns tend to be ongoing ones, though I can adapt to a different genre quickly if the chemistry isn't right. My games also tend to be semi-gritty, though I am not opposed to an over-the-top epic for variety.

I've been living in the Tyler area for about 14 years now, originally from Fort Worth, and have had limited contact with other GURPS players.

Any level of experience is ok, even "what the hell is a GURPS?"

I would prefer no rules-lawyers or heavily antagonistic players, but I'll take what I can get. Mature minds only, however. My games are often mysteries or problem-solvers and tend to have a mature theme.

Thanks, Biscuit

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