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Female gamer looking for more players.
2007-11-11 00:45:48

Wtf is up with this site?? I thought it was supposed to be for people to locate gamers or games in their area, but when somebody posts about looking for new games or players, that post is ignored, or if you try to contact a gamer in your area, your message is ignored! This is a total bunch of shit, and I've had it! You can go ahead and delete my account if you think what I've said is offensive, but I'm just stating the honest truth. I WILL NOT be returning to this site, because I think it's a complete waste of time. If anyone out there wants to know more about our group or games, look on my profile. You can contact me there. If not, then it's your loss.

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Looking for roleplayers
2007-11-11 08:29:35

This is the internet. Anonymous people act exactly as one would fear, here. Good luck in your search.

28th Level Druid Verdant Lord.
2007-11-11 10:27:54

So instead of trying to help a fledgling site grow into something great she is going to throw a two year old tantrum and leave. Our loss indeed...

Lovely as Miss Silverfire is she does bring up an interesting point. I have tried contacting a few people on this site and haven't gotten a response from a number of them. Could something be wrong with the PM system? Has anyone else run into this or are the people I've contacted just not answering for their own reasons?

Thanks :) - RPG Campaign Hosting
2007-11-11 13:35:06

Send me a PM to test if it sends out e-mails. That's the only way I'll ever check those sort of things. It's not like I come to the site every day to check my PMs.

The gamer that runs this site
2007-11-11 19:14:32

I haven't seen anything broken in the messaging system, no. Infrequently (say, 2-3% of the time) someone has changed their e-mail address and the message bounces. Quite often, yeah, people get the e-mail and don't respond. I can't (and wouldn't) force people to acknowledge the mail. How the mail is written is probably the biggest factor, I'd imagine that messages with greetings and introductions get better response than just "Hey, do you play Magic?"

I'm not going to delete your account, no. Everybody's gotta blow off steam sometime, and I'm happy to hear any suggestions you have for improving NearbyGamers.

Female gamer looking for more players.
2007-11-11 20:03:40

No, Dear Mr Cypress, I'm NOT acting like a two year old having a tantrum. Like Harkins said, everyone needs to blow off some steam. My bf and I have been trying for 6 MONTHS to find new players, and we're not getting anything. I've posted a discussion here about new players and have gotten NO response. So excuse me for being a little agitated. I've gotten to the point now where I've given up looking and I'm darn close to quitting gaming altogether! I'm just tired of trying to make the effort of finding new gamers and not getting ANY responses.

28th Level Druid Verdant Lord.
2007-11-12 00:31:03

Micah, I sent you a PM a little while ago. Please post here if you received it or not. Though honestly it could just be me. Maybe if I didn't start my PM's with "WTF why aren't you gaming with me!" I might get a better response. ;) Tact and diplomacy...why do I never spend any points on these things... ?!?

Mrs. Cypress (Annoyed Female Gamer)

P.S: Silverfire, out of curiousity what other avenues for finding players have you tried? Are you relying soley on NearbyGamers? - RPG Campaign Hosting
2007-11-12 00:37:29

Yeah, I got the PM notification e-mail, so that part's working just fine.

I guess you just have to work on your finesse! ;)

28th Level Druid Verdant Lord.
2007-11-12 01:25:37

Thanks Micah! :) I got your message as well. I noticed that in order to reply to you I would have to come back to nearbygamers and PM you again. I couldn't just hit reply in my email. I wonder if that causes trouble for alot of people? They think they have responded when they haven't. Can't be cuz'f me. Me speak good to udder gameguys. :( But just case me go read "A tea kit" book now. :p Ya, me cans read! Me fancy! :D

The gamer that runs this site
2007-11-12 03:13:01

No, people don't do that often. If you hit 'reply' to the message in your e-mail client it ends up in a box I monitor (though eventually I'll build a system to funnel it back to you as a message).

Female gamer looking for more players.
2007-11-12 03:25:23

NEVER have I started off ANY pms with "WTF why aren't you gaming with me?" I explain what we're looking for and what our group and games are about, and my bf and I have given people our email addresses as well. NO I have not relied soley on NearbyGamers. We've posted flyers at nearby game stores, posted on other gaming sites (some local), and talked to our other gaming friends, to see if they know anybody who's looking for a group. We've exhausted nearly all our options in our town. I too, am an annoyed female gamer, and I'm tired of 1) being the only female in my group and 2) I'm tired of the two power gamers we have in our group. My bf ends up DMing everything, cuz no one else will step up to the plate, when all he wants to do is play! Is it too much to ask that we at least get a "no thanks" or "tell me more" in response to our replies? Apparently it is, because we get nothing. And I apologize about the Mr Cypress in my earlier reply. I didn't know you were a woman.

AD7D 2nd Edition game wanted!
2007-11-12 15:12:14

It could just be a numbers thing - maybe if more people were using this site then there would be more responses etc....

I look forward to more people joining up! :)

2007-11-12 17:12:44

Nothing like a little controversy to stir up the pot. I don't think NG has seen this many posts in one thread in quite a while, but at least we know that some people read the threads, right?

Anyway, I think the primary problem that SilverFire85 is having stems from a small population on the site. If you look at where you live (be honest, it's middle-of-almost-nowhere Wisconsin). While there are a fair amount of gamers in Madison, it's still a (I'm guessing) 40 minute drive away. I know I would not be willing to drive 40 minutes for a game, especially on a week night. Perhaps when we get the fliers together, you can put them up in local areas and help to drive more people to the site.

Other features that are incoming, like the ability to reply to an email sent from NG will help; perhaps adding an event planning module would drive repeat traffic (something like; an expansion of the Nearby Discussions part (though I'm not sure what would help that).

Either way, I think that just because there are no replies to a post looking for people in your area should not be taken as a complete rejection of your attempt to find people. If there just aren't people in your area, then you aren't going to find replies.

And, I too am curious what other methods you have tried to find local gamers. NG certainly is not a large enough community as of yet that it can be used as a one-stop shop to finding local gamers.

but that's my 2c -Aeryn

Chummer, the Computer is your Friend
2007-11-12 20:58:52

I'm somewhat limited in what I want to play. When I checked the Denver area for gamers with my interests, there aren't any. There are 8 or 10 folks now so it is increasing.

Right now I'm using the Meetup site to manage get togethers. It's more oriented to gatherings with a calendar to schedule events. Having just a google map of local gamers doesn't really help I guess.

How about something similar for NG? A calendar function where you can schedule your game oriented on region. Maybe even a "when I'm available" and "how far will I drive; weekday, weekend" sort of options for gamers.

Hmmm, so when you schedule an event in the calendar for D&D 3.5 (for example), NG checks the range value and available value for all gamers in the area and automatically shoots a PM off to those folks.

So CarlS:
Shadowrun, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu
Mon:18-22, Tue:18-22, Wed:18-22, Thu: Fri:18-22, Sat:10-22, Sun: 10-22
Mon: 30, Tue: 30, Wed: 30, Thu: 0, Fri 60, Sat 60, Sun: 60
E-mail when local event created (local defined as your time and radius): Yes

Then when someone creates the Shadowrun calendar entry, for 7pm on Wednesday and it's 15 miles from my place, I'll automatically receive an e-mail notification. Perhaps even the event creator will be presented with a list of local available gamers so they know that on Thursday, only one person is available but on Friday, 6 people are available. This way they know the best time to schedule a game.

Just some top-of-the-head thoughts. I didn't browse the discussions to see if it had already been brought up :)


Chummer, the Computer is your Friend
2007-11-12 21:19:46

And just as a little additional info, I drive 90 minutes for my Wed Shadowrun game. And the Meetup site for Denver has 88 members and we've had 90 meetups since its start at about the same time as NG started.


The gamer that runs this site
2007-11-12 22:20:06

I like the idea of a gaming calendar, but I think it's a little unwieldy. Let me get in the basic event support (it's coming after forums), then let's talk about what to add. It'll be easy to see all the upcoming events that match one of your tags within a distance radius, and I think that's most of the solution there.

2007-11-13 00:03:02

Some sort of meetup like subscription or ical like mechanism is useful. Nort of scary stalker-esck though.

RSS feed for people in my area would be awsome though.

The gamer that runs this site
2007-11-13 00:59:30

There already is a feed for folks in your area -- click the tab with your name at the top of the page, choose Nearby Gamers, and sort by latest moved. You should have an RSS icon in your browser's location bar.

Female gamer looking for more players.
2007-11-13 07:43:15

I'm not in the middle of frickin nowhere Wisconsin. I'm tired of ppl using the damn drive time as an excuse to not game. My bf drives from Milton to Madison 5 days a week for work. What's one day a week on the weekend? Cuz if ANYONE has even looked at my profile, they'll know that we're looking for gamers for our Saturday game. We're looking for players that are willing to game at our house, as I have an 8 month old child. I'm tired of excuses, I'm tired of getting no replies, I'm just tired of it in general. I really wish, though, that people would actually look at profiles or other posts to see what has been said or to see what is going on before posting.

I've already explained what other avenues we've explored in looking for gamers, so I'm not going to do it again. I will mention that we have used, but we could not afford the 20 dollars a month to keep our meet up open, and there's very few meetups in our area. My dear bf is trying so hard to get our new game together, and to try to find new gamers. He's using the Hero System to create his own Transformers game, but I fear that with the few gamers we have, and with having no luck in finding more, that he's going to get frustrated and depressed as well and just give up. All he wants to do is play, but we have no one else who is willing to DM.

I'm tired of explaining myself. I'm tired of ppl being rude. I'm just tired of it all.

Looking for roleplayers
2007-11-15 09:00:20

Take a break. Make friends. Introduce them to gaming. Some will like it, some won't. Making new gamers is not particularly harder than finding existing ones, and chances are that they will learn to game in a way that is suitable to your group, which is a nice boon.

Everything new is old again.
2007-11-18 07:08:18

Right, it's not always easy to meet new players, and I think NG is still a bit too small a community yet to be much help for lots of areas. Here's some other ideas:

Hang out at the local game store, post more fliers, respond to some fliers

Go to a convention -- always a great way to meet, even if over a board game

Look for other web sites: is a good one has a player finder on the forum Other game companies often have similar forums as well Yahoo groups have worked for me too is great for just about anything

Anyone else have ideas?

2007-11-23 11:06:09

Well bad sales pitch aside ...

You still need to troll the website for people that are interested in play. Yes you can see from the map that there are people in your area and can get a context for the posts they made. Its not quite or what not.

Personally I would look at perhaps, you have a huge number of gamers in your area. I head there myself every other week for a game, its quite an easy drive.

Female gamer looking for more players.
2007-11-23 21:23:35

Doesn't anybody read the rest of the responses in a thread? I've already said we've tried, have posted fliers in our game stores etc. We can't afford the 20 bucks a month for I wish people would read the rest of the responses in a thread before they post stuff that has already been mentioned.

2007-11-24 21:56:48

Not sure why you need to buy space on meetup. There are tons of groups in your area, maybe there is more love for a Heroes home brew Transformers game in a special setting of people. Often pitching the game world is more apt to get people to play, countless times someone describes a world gimmick on rpgnet or what not and people feel in repose "i would totally play that" versus "i wanna run d20 cthulhu."

As far as people being rude, who exactly started the thread with "what the fuck?" and launched into a diatribe of "this is a bunch of shit" claiming that everyone is ignoring you. And has nothing positive to say. I am sure Harkins can refund the money you paid to use this website.

Female gamer looking for more players.
2007-11-25 09:05:45

gmillerd, did I say anything about anybody being rude? No, I didn't. And in order to start your OWN meetup group, you must pay 20 dollars a month. We can't afford that, and there's only two meetups in my area, that I saw. One is a game store that my bf is already trying to get a game started at, and I think the other one is no longer accepting any more members. As for starting this thread off the way I did, I was (and still am) upset. I was hoping to get some responses, and I did. I was hoping to MAYBE get some support and advice from some fellow gamers, but I guess there's not many gamers out there like me. And I haven't had to pay anything to use this site. I don't know WHERE you got that from. I wish there was a way I could delete this thread, because all I'm getting is people regurgitating things that have already been said, and negativity. I've got enough negativity for an entire nation right now. I don't need any more. I'm just tired of trying to jump through hoops to get new players. We're going to be starting our new game next weekend, and I'm to the point where I don't WANT to game anymore. Gaming is supposed to be about having fun, and I'm not having fun anymore. Maybe I should just give up altogether.

Harkins, if there's a way to delete a thread you've created, can you let me know how to do it? I'm depressed, and tired of getting nowhere.

Chummer, the Computer is your Friend
2007-11-26 17:35:11

From reading the thread and my own experiences in contacting players, here's a list of how I've posted requests:

1. Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) - Specific to your area. Catches folks who actually live there. Method: Fliers

There are 5 FLGS' in our area that have gaming specific areas and places where you can post fliers. I'm running my Shadowrun 4e game out of one shop and playing 3e at someone's house.

2. Local Cons - Broader since it gathers folks in from farther away. Method: Fliers. Advertise in con catalog.

There are two cons that are run here that I know of. Gengiscon and Tacticon.

3. Local mailing lists - Limited. Only contact folks who are on the internet, are interested enough to sign up for the list and are looking for other games. Method: Post game, location and times (GLT).

The FLGS I use has a yahoo groups mailing list for game store specific events.

4. Local forums - A little broader since more folks seem to gravitate to forums. Same broad issue though; internet savvy, interested, and looking. Method: Gamer seeking Gamer (GsG) subforums posting GLT

I don't know of any local forums in the area.

5. Regional forums - Broader still. Much like the con suggestion. Local forums seem to fall out from Regional ones because they're too broad. Method: GsG subforums posting GLT

I don't know of any regional forums in the area.

6. Game specific forums - A little narrower because the game specific sites seem to be house organs and many folks (in my experience) are less interested. Method: GsG subforums posting GLT.

I do spend time on dumpshock which is the Shadowrun specific forums. There's a section for conventions and one where you can post upcoming games. I've posted mine there and had no responses.

7. World wide general gaming sites - So many folks that your game will either get lost in the number and scroll off to page 2 or 3 or no one will go to that section. Method: GsG subforums posting GLT.

I use, meetup, and this site although I haven't posted a request for gamers here yet. There are 4 RPG meetup groups (DnD, Gurps, WoD, Shadowrun) in the Denver area. There is also a boardgame meetup group along with several specific board games (like Axes and Allies). I push the Shadowrun one on the guys I've picked up from the FLGS. So I've caused a few new memberships in because of that.

Based on your thread here, you've tried everything I've listed above and still no response.

I'm not sure why you'd come to a larger site like this and rant about no responses though. You made one post (that I can find anyway) requesting gamers. What sorts of responses did you get from the fliers and posting on local sites? If none (as I suspect based on my experience and your comments here), did you post a similar rant against those sites? Did you print off a flier ranting about the lack of gamers available from your FLGS?

Maybe no one is interested in playing Transformers using Hero rules? When I first posted my request for Shadowrunners back in February I got a single response. I simply waited a few months and posted a flier at the FLGS with gaming information and when it was going to be run. I wasn't sure how many would actually be there but I showed up ready to play. Much to my surprise there were six guys there waiting to play. Maybe if you tried the local flier and just showed up when you said you'd be there.

One thing I like about running out of a gaming shop is if you're short a guy or two, someone who's standing around watching will be happy to drop in and take a spot. It's how I got started in DnD 30 years ago and how I brought many others into the game. We played out of the post recreation center. Initially we had a single table but eventually we took over all 6 tables with various games and we ran two conventions.

Keep trying. Consider running at a local shop vs your home. The shop owner will probably appreciate it since it brings potentially more customers to his shop. And you'll be more likely to pick up a few gamers on the fly. Heck, consider driving a few miles to a more centrally located shop to run your game. Maybe if you go to where the gamers are, you'll have better luck attracting new blood.


Female gamer looking for more players.
2007-12-01 06:57:17

CarlS ~ My bf is already running a DragonLance campaign at a local gaming store and is still getting nothing. The reason we game at my house, is I have a 9 month old child, and really have no one to watch her. I don't trust daycares, and I'm not going to pay a stranger to watch her. We just can't afford it.

Thanks to all who responded, but I'm truly done. I started gaming because it was fun and a great way to hang out with friends, but ever since I've moved back to Wisconsin, it's almost become a chore now. Thanks anyway, and I hope you all have fun in your respective games.

Blessed Be

The gamer that runs this site
2007-12-06 03:30:37
Official Hat

This discussion ran a bit out of control, and as moderator I should've stepped in to help tone it down.

I think everything useful that can be said on this topic has been said, and I especially appreciate folks pointing out that NearbyGamers can be frustrating because it's still pretty small. This discussion is now closed to new posts.

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