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2010-05-04 06:39:38

So here's the scenario: You were away from contact for about a month or two, maybe on a deserted island or in the rainforest. You are scheduled to fly back in from a remote airstrip located just outside of Washington on the San Juan Islands. As you get there, you meet the rest of your flight crew, including YOU (the players). The plane leaves, and flies into Bransford Inner National Airport (spelled wrong on purpose). When you get there, you find that the rest of the city is in complete MADNESS!!!! While you were gone, a vampire has developed a virus to spread his blood rapidly. He has the entire city in control! This virus turns the people into a zombie, where they lose all intelligent abilities and can only perform basic tasks, yet have developed a taste for brains. The military has set up base inside the airport, yet all of them have seemed to disappear into the city. Their gear hasn't! The airport is STOCKPILED with almost any kind of weapon, explosive, or gear you can think of (no nuclear missiles). At the airport, you meet a scientist (also player run, hopefully) who has been capturing specimens and studying them while trying to find a cure.

As the only survivors of this invasion, you have to A) Survive the hordes of zombies with whatever you can find, B) Help the scientist develop a cure, and C) Hunt down the source of the virus and either incapacitate or eliminate them.

I am hoping to run this sometime over the summer as a one shot 8 hour campaign. I will be using the Hunter system for World of Darkness. If you are interested at all, let me know so i can find a good time to schedule and run this scenario. I'm hoping to run at least 6 people (not including myself) and capping it at 8, with exceptions.

Let me know if you like the sound of it, or if there's any suggestions, comments, or questions about it feel free to let me know or ask.

If you're wondering how it's gonna work; I will be assigning extra experience points based on kills, research, big finds, roleplaying, various activities, and other random things. I want this to be a fun game where everyone gets their chance to shine, so i plan on giving experience for players to work with if they need it. Also, since there will most likely be dual settings running simultaneously, i may need a helper to run it. If this happens i believe we can cap it at 10 (with exceptions).

I plan on running this in person, but if people are interested we can set up computers and people can play over skype or ichat.

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