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2007-12-14 02:10:01
Official Hat

I've mentioned I'm advertising NearbyGamers more (just ran a test campaign on ProjectWonderful last week), and I could use a hand coming up with ad banners. I mad e one large ad and would like to make with similar styling. However, I'm handicapped by being terrible at thinking up slogans, taglines, and catchphrases.

I have two so far: first, the "You should play more tabletop games." linked above, and an animated one that says "Need another _______?" and rotates in the words GM, player, opponent, LARPer, nemesis.

Any witty gamers our there want to come up more? I'm creating ads in a variety of sizes and shapes, so be as long or short as you need.

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Next on Sick, Sad World!
2007-12-28 19:47:15

"Don't let your local settings be limited to your PC" "Duel with more than your mouse" "Put a little social in your game" "Let your mom know you've got more than a 'Canadian' girlfriend."

Uh...that's all I got right now.

Because I'm Snarky...
2007-12-28 21:16:07

"Got Game?" Of course you need supermodels with doritos all over their mouths, ala the Got Milk series...

"Rolling on d20's"

Lazy Gaming at its Best
2007-12-30 01:51:30

Are you willing to invest 40$ in some advertising?

Might I sugggest some Banner ads in Enworld which are currently on sale?

It might net a few more hundred members..

The gamer that runs this site
2007-12-30 23:14:18

Thanks for the reference, I'll definitely advertise there.

I've got about half the ad banners done, going to have the rest done in the next two days or so.

Next on Sick, Sad World!
2008-01-01 18:21:09

Harkins! Hm I didn't know you were running this site. It was posted on the SF Forum page so I figured I'd take a look. Neato.

The gamer that runs this site
2008-01-01 19:33:57

"'s a small world, after all!"

The gamer that runs this site
2008-01-08 03:48:21
Official Hat

The ads are available online now and I'll be starting the campaigns this week. Thanks for all the suggestions, and please consider posting one on your website or blog.

hardcore gamer/GM and professional game developer.
2008-02-15 21:24:24

How about

" reach out and slay someone"

2008-02-16 04:14:58

"Mountain Dew and Pizza were not meant to be consumed alone"

"Its cooler to stay up late with friends than in front of a computer screen."

"Enjoy boardgames, dice rolling, and cards? Find others like you"

"You're not alone:"

"If d6 makes sense to you, you are one of us:"

Thats all I got for now

2008-02-16 04:15:40

ooh I got one more:

"Log on, and they will come:"

Captain HeadWound Lives!
2008-03-16 12:46:34

"Face it, you are not high enough level to cast 'Detect Gamers' yourself"

"need a real DM?"

that's all I have for now.

Open to pretty much any game
2008-03-21 07:33:09

You should see about getting into contact with Fear the Boot (a podcast about tabletop RPG's and a little bit more). I think they'd be happy to help gamers find gamers. At least, I HOPE they would be...

Running with scissors for the gold
2008-03-22 18:01:35

A lot of podcasts would probably be down with dropping a thirty second spot into their shows. Quite a few of the ones I listen to -- Roleplaying Public Radio, All Games Considered, Dragons Landing, to name three -- already use promotional spots as bumpers between segments.

Lazy Gaming at its Best
2008-03-23 23:24:42

I can edit together a simply 15 second spot if someone gives me some media to work with. It could be script ideas, sound clips, background audio, voice over. whatever. Just make it available as an mp3 and I can edit it together into something that can be dropped into a pod cast (edited or played live).

2008-03-27 19:06:39

"Remember when a PC was a friend, and not a computer"

"Remember the good old days back when your friends were real and your enemies were fake, not the other way around like it is online"

"Jesus saves, and takes half damage!".......if you get this joke, your people need you back.

"Free +5 longsword for all new members"

"Solo adventures are fine when no one is looking, but real adventures do it on a table!" or you could just shorten it to "Real adventurers do it on a table!"

"Remember when you had friends to talk you out of doing stupid things"

just some stupid thoughts, hopefully someone will laugh.

RPGing since '84, and still loving it!
2008-04-18 21:31:07

Thanks for the banners!

I put one on the footer of my RPG site / reversed the colours though as my site is primarily black, it's mostly for CP2020:

Hopefully it will lead more people here!

Thanks for the hard work...

SDJThorin aka Shard

— Leva, Älska, Spel! / Live, Love, Game! / Degero, Amor, Venatus!

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