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Want to play low budget CCGs then get a beer?
2008-05-26 09:57:45

Hello all, First off, great site. Can't figure out why didn't somebody do this earlier?

Second, is anybody up for playing some casual MTG in London? I'm out in the East and I'm looking to meet up with people playing some low-money casual decks, or ideally to get a playgroup of people who want to play pauper magic together. For those who don't know what pauper is, it's an MTG format where only cards printed at common are permitted: It's a brilliant format with masses of depth and scope for deck-building (trust me, you'll be amazed what you can do with just commons), that anybody can get into no matter their budget, and that ought to be a good laugh if we get a small group together.

Happy to hear from anybody who feels up for playing, Regards, Then

PS. If anybody wants to see what competitive pauper decks look like: . Trust me, it's a brilliant little format that makes superstars out of all the chaff you wouldn't normally play. £40 for a Tarmogoyf? Never again...

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2008-07-12 16:03:03

Yo, im in surrey near Croydon, me and a freind have been playing for a while now. im up for for playing some new people :D

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