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Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-03-13 10:12:25

Anyone wanna play? I live in redwood shores, hit me up if you live close by (driving far away is a difficult task for my car) and i'd be glad to host or play any New World of Darkness games. I have Hunter, Geist, and Werewolf so far and i have plenty of dice.

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2010-03-15 20:00:22

I work pretty close by. I wouldn't mind playing a changeling or vampire in a mixed WOD game.

Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-03-16 08:24:49

I don't have changeling or vampire yet, but i can come by the books. If you wouldn't mind getting the hunter book i already have a campaign written for it, i'm just trying to find players. I can get a start on vampire if this ends up working out.

Always looking for a table with an open chair
2010-11-30 01:09:10

I'm in Walnut Creek but I can get out there once a week. I've got the core WoD book in print and can get digital versions of hunter, etc. Let me know:

Thank you, Gabriel

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