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Social Group for Expatriates Play RPGs in Poland
2012-01-24 10:27:40

Moving to a new country can be a very lonely experience. Personal time can be quickly devoured by career and the usual settling in, making even a trip to the cornerstore an unwanted adventure. Time becomes a premium when everyone wants a piece of you and your personal life is completely unbalanced by relocation.

And for someone who relocated to follow a spouse's career move, sitting at home redecorating or getting involved in association politics while waiting for a spouse to return home exhausted is not as interesting as it may seem during the first of a three year contract....

And if your job is English teaching or conversation practice, you may NEVER leave work in a foreign country. How cool is that?!

Our group is a non-political activity of association. We relax together in a safe, positive environment that promotes friendship without falling back on sharing the usual negative experiences common with moving away. In fact, we do not even focus on Poland or our personal challenges while we play. We just enjoy.

Why mention all this..? Because our group is not strictly for role-players. It is RULES LIGHT and WELCOMES NOOBS. If you are reading this discussion topic, probably you are a gamer. But you may have English-speaking friends who have moved away to another country who would enjoy meeting a group like ours and who have never played a role-playing game. Let them know about us. They will fit right in and enjoy their experience more.

— One Rule to Rule Them All: HAVE FUN

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