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2009-08-17 00:40:38


I've rescheduled the one-shot of "Spirit of the Century" for next Sunday, April 23rd, from Noon to Six at Guardian Games, and I have six seats open. This gives folks a week to arrange their time.

The adventure is called, "Talons of the Jade Emperor," and it's a pulp-filled romp through the schemes of an evil Oriental mastermind out to take over the world ("what are we going to do tonight, your Eminence?" "The same thing we do every night, lackey...). Only the stalwart heroes of EDGE Inc. (Emergency Defense Global Enterprises) can stop him.

Our cast:

Gordian Knott, Science Hero - Young Man on a Mission to Prove Himself Leonus, Jungle Lord - You Can Take the Boy out of the Jungle, but... Tommy Braddock, Head-Bustin' Crime Fighter - Ex-Cop on a Quest for Justice Outside the System Richard Avalon, Modern-Day Knight - Protector of the Weak, Righter of Wrongs Evangeline Szardos, Woman of Mystery - Enigmatic Gypsy Witch with her own Agenda Jessie Sureshot, Adventuress - Born in the Saddle and Itchin' for a Fight!

For those who don't know, SotC uses the FATE system, which tags the attributes of characters and scenes for effect. It's largely a player-driven game and the rules are very simple. You don't need to know how to play; all rules (such as they are) will be taught or ignored!

If you're interested in trying out Spirit of the Century, here's your chance.

Cheers, Mark

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