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2013-08-11 02:26:50

Looks like the last post on here in the Metro area was 2009, anyone still on here?

If so, and you're looking for a game, do I have an offer for you. I and some friends had a solid group going, until it collapsed due to scheduling issues (one work conflict here, a few too many grad students there, and bam nobody's got time for a game). So we're out looking for some fresh blood interested in what we'd like to be running. We tend to be pretty casual and laid-back, leaning a bit more cinematic/narrative with systems. Rules/mechanics taking a backseat to enjoyment and narrative.

There's three of us, looking for a few more interested players. We're all in our twenties; two of us GM; generally a bit burned out on D&D grid combat and moving towards indie type games. (I'm liking A Song of Ice and Fire, Shadows of Esteren, and The One Ring, my GM friend does Savage Worlds, both of us are into Fate.) Primarily looking for players since we have some things we'd like to run, but since we're rotating anyways a third GM is a possibility. Our third wheel is pretty much player-only, strong background in Pathfinder but he'll play anything to get some system diversity.

I'm in the Troy area, rest of the group are near Livonia/Canton. Shoot me a message if you're interested.

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