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2018-05-27 20:24:10

We meet weekly, every Saturday evening, from 5:00 PM-10PM EST in Pt. Pleasant New Jersey. The group has been together since 1991. Looking for IN PERSON players only. We have one player who plays about 50% virtual and are not seeking any additional virtual players. Upcoming campaign can be found at:

Campaigns usually last 8-18 months and then we wrap up the current game and begin a new one with a new GM (voted for by the group).

Campaigns played include:

AD&D Pathfinder D&D 3.5 Mutants and Masterminds Shadowrun Deadlands D20 Modern Traveller Gamma World Dresden Files

Past Campaigns: Agents of the AEGIS - Spycraft: Star Wars Ghost Squad - Star Wars Saga: Shadows Over New York Season 3 - Dresden Files RPG (FATE) : Shadowrun T.I.D.E - Shadowrun : Adventures in Liga - Pathfinder :

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