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run Arduin Eternal in MD, PA and NJ.
2008-01-26 21:53:36

Just moved to the area. Looking to add start one or more groups in the local area. I've several people spread out from Lancaster PA to Silverspring, MD looking to play. All folks are late-20s to early-50s, looking for more of the same. Primary games are Arduin Eternal, Runequest and Hollow Earth Expeditions. Prospective members should be in those cities or adjacent. We play on Saturdays & Sundays; hours change as needed, but usually between 12 ~ 10 pm.

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run Arduin Eternal in MD, PA and NJ.
2008-01-26 21:54:46

I see this created a duplicate. Possible bug? I can't access the other to delete.

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