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2017-01-01 21:52:57

Hello everyone. I am new to the Phoenix area, and am looking for a group to play a tabletop RPG with. Though I would prefer d&d 5e, I have experience with d&d 3.5, d&d 4e, as well as Pathfinder. I have played some novice games in the past, with the majority of my playing experience being in the play by post format. I would consider myself a more serious role player enjoying the collaborative story telling the most. Please let me know if anyone knows about a game that might be willing to accept a new player. I am near 101 and Chandler Blvd.

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Storytellers Wanted!
2017-04-25 17:19:25

Looking to start a game 3.5 or Pathfinder for a couple weekends a month just need players that are willing to work with a fledgling gm

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