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2012-08-18 19:31:08

Been running a local game of D&D (3.5-4E) for about 5 years now at my home in Lansing MI. We are gearing up to make the change to the Pathfinder rule set and wanted to try and break the 4th player hex our group has! lol.

We are a group of 30+ year olds that love gaming, we meet almost every Thursday night at 6-7pm and play until around 9:30-10pm. Most of the time, we play D&D, but we have mixed it up with other games, including Munchkin. We even switch it up and one of the normal players will run a small rpg.

We are a laid back group of geeks, No hard-boiled "Rules Lawyer" needed lol.

I use Maptools and my projector for most sessions.

If your interested in our little group, give me a shout!


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