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NearbyGamers General
2013-10-20 00:21:30

Anyone know of some VTT's out there that are easy to use, cross platform and dont take a ton of prep time on the GM's part to use?

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I Play Games..
2014-04-05 14:28:32

Not sure if you are even still active on this forum (I only recently joined myself), but I can heartily recommend Roll20. Both as a remote VTT and for actual face-to-face play. (I sunk a LCD tv into the top of our gaming table to use as a map and visual aid to play)

I have used and own several others (Battlegrounds, d20Pro, Fantasy Grounds, kLoOge.Werks and MapTool), but Roll20 has been the easiest for my groups 3 GMs, one of whom is rather non tech-savvy.

It's simple, web based (works best in chrome) and cheap (even as cheap as 'free' though I like the benefits of my supporter/mentor membership (increased storage for maps and tokens, extra features)

For my group, the key features are - character sheets attached to map tokens, easy player handouts, simple dice macros, and dynamic lighting/sight. That last feature is still a bit of a kludge compared to the sophisticated system in MapTools, which has the best lighting/line of sight modeling of any of the VTTs (IMHO). On the other hand it's WAY easier to set up lighting in Roll20.

The only drawbacks are slightly less features then some of the higher end tools though more and richer features are added at a fairly regular basis.

I would place MapTools and Battlegrounds as my next favorite, but both, in my experience, have considerably more GM prep and tech skill requirements when compared to Roll20.

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