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Psychological roleplaying (no, really...)
2009-02-10 02:22:24

A call for players interested in a weeknight session to kick off a new campaign - or perhaps play some classic modules - in Sydney city. (After all, one of the advantages of being a non-teen RPG'r is middle-aged forgetfulness, letting your favourite old adventures live again...)

I have in mind the beginnings of a Sydney league of gentlemen gamers, who meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis after work for some genteel hack and slash. (This is not to say that gentlewomen gamers would be unwelcome, of course - assuming they should present themselves - but things being what they are, etc. etc.)

Some flavour of D&D is the most likely suspect, initially, but if you have a favourite RPG you'd like to dust off (or if you see a game on my profile you find interesting) feel free to be in contact.


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fantasy with an edge
2009-02-10 03:06:46

Hey psyrpg, sounds good!

I PMd you also, but if you're like me you don't check those too often ;)

I like the kind of stuff you have on your profile, check mine and if it seems a good match email me.

Best, charles

Psychological roleplaying (no, really...)
2009-02-10 10:00:30

Reply sent; thanks for the update and speak soon.

— The play's the thing...
2009-02-13 11:05:29


Unfortunately I'm flat out at the moment and unable to attend weeknight gaming. With 6 current campaigns, a professional blog on gaming , a series of e-books in development, plus ongoing creative musical endeavours and the search for paying employment, I really don't have the capacity to add to my list at this time. But thanks for the invite! Someone I know who is intersted in Ars Magica might be interested, but their computer is not functional right now. I'll point them this way once they are back online, but it might be a while!


Lost sheep returning to fold!
2009-02-13 21:27:13

Sounds good to me! You have some pretty cool games on your list - Runequest, Pendragon, Cthulhu, Ars Magica - played a lot of those back in the olden days.

I have emailed you separately, and also have a contact who might be interested...

Psychological roleplaying (no, really...)
2009-02-16 04:38:11

Hi composermike,

Thanks for the update. Feel free to be in contact in the meanwhile.


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anything, anywhere, anytime.
2009-03-19 02:14:47

Just wondering if you're still looking for players?

I've been looking for a new regular group to get involved with, and my other half is also a gamer who has been complaining lately that she's been getting bored with nothing much to do.

I'm willing to give virtually any game a go, and if you need someone to GM for a few session of something, I'd be more than willing to help out in that regard.

2009-04-29 05:29:25


I am interested too! I sent you a PM.

Cheers, Jerome

Looking for D&D 4e players
2009-05-07 09:22:23


I am interested if you will be playing D&D 4e, I've been trying to start a group but trouble finding players.

2009-08-22 07:48:31

I think this is fairly old but if you guys are running this then I would like to play. =)

Long-time RPGer, does some GMing,
2009-08-22 14:46:21

I'm also interested in finding out more about your group. Long-time RPGer, part of a regular group running various games at Burwood on Satrurday PM. Would like to get into D+D4.

2009-10-17 08:56:42

Hi there,

Wondering if this got off the ground.. Currently i am living in m,elbourne but most likely will be moving to syndey in the next 6months.

What u say, Brandy, cigars and DnD. ( On a chesterfield lounge ofcourse).

2009-10-28 04:46:07

Guys I have only just discovered this forum so apologies if the discussion has wrapped up but if you are still up for further players I would be interested.

I have been playing and GMing for 20+ years now, usually prefer "grittier" games but more high level sword & sorcery stuff does have its appeal.

Talk soon I hope.

2010-01-20 02:24:58

Hey there!

I am desperately seeking a talanted DM for a group of (7) experienced players, guys and girls mid 20's to late 30's.

Would like to play Ad&D 1st or 2nd ed, or anything pre 3rd ed.

Have location, have source books, have dice, have players... where is the DM?

Shoot me an email we are keen to play once a week, keen to start ASAP.

join date 21/1/10
2010-01-21 10:53:33

Did any of you folks get a game happening - please drop me a line if you have.

anything, anywhere, anytime.
2010-01-22 03:14:07

If anyone's interested in helping to playtest a couple of new RPGs, drop me a line at

I've got something that's been doing the convention rounds for the last couple of years, but it could really do with some "campaign testing" (think "Pirates of the Carribean" meets "Back to the Future"). I've got something else which should be ready shortly (Gritty, bloody, nasty...but fun).

lunchtime gamer wanna-be
2010-01-24 12:47:55

Did the 'League' get off the ground? There's some cheap / possibly free venues in CBD.

2010-08-03 09:44:55

Ho ho. Now this looks good. Is it still happening ?

Psychological roleplaying (no, really...)
2016-07-20 14:59:58

For anyone interested, the audio and handouts from the GentClub sessions are available at:

This includes the "Alien0" campaign, for those who are fans of the landmark films by Ridley Scott and James Cameron (and which was available online a year before the release date of Prometheus).

Alien0 is a fan-written prequel that establishes the state of affairs encountered by the Nostromo and her (somewhat hapless) crew, in that film. To do so, it is based upon a new backstory that engages with the critical plot issues of:

Exactly how much 'the company' knew about the situation on planetoid LV-426 in the Acheron system, years before the Nostromo entered it.

How it came to be that a synthetic human was infiltrated into the Nostromo crew, and used to knowingly guide them into an infectious encounter with a parasitical xenobiological species which (potentially) demonstrated the capacity to achieve planet-sterilising destructive capability.

The true source of this species, given its (evidently) engineered nature.

Consequently, Alien0 explores - through roleplay - the following. Assuming: (a) 'the company' understood the destructive capabilities of the infectious alien species, and (b) was in any way rational, what could possibly motivate it to risk its own host civilisation in such a poorly-controlled first contact scenario with a species apparently designed to destructively transform other species into a version of itself?

(Thanks again to RPGmp3 for hosting the GentClub sessions.)

— The play's the thing...
Psychological roleplaying (no, really...)
2016-07-20 15:12:40

A Prometheus Drinking Game is also available at for those wanting to rid themselves of extra brain cells.

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