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2017-07-13 01:36:45

First of all thank you Barking Stapler for this website.

I'm new to the website and shortly after looking around I realized most of it's users are table-top RPG gamers; unfortunately, I'm more of a virtual/mmorpg gamer. Plenty of users have tags for such but a lot less are looking for mmorpg gamers to form a group online. It makes sense that people wouldn't look online for a group to play an mmorpg with because they can just find that IN-GAME right? On the other hand table top roleplayers need to have the pre-communication to form those groups to be able to play. Although am I the only one to think it would be cool to go into a game with a group to begin with? To chat with while bored farming npc's, to help each other during noob-age, and maybe even a little bit of fun guildie/gamer to gamer competition? No! I believe it makes sense too!

As a discussion I wanted to try and get the word out there for mmorpg and virtual gamers using or passing by this site's forums...YOU ARE WANTED HERE TOO.

Please take a look at my page/group. If this discussion is inappropriate for this forum, then I hold no ill will against it being taken down or taking it down myself. Thanks again for the website and the upkeep.


— ~~~~Astro~~~~

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2018-05-06 03:36:42

I hear ya. I am mostly a FPS player like Counter-Strike, but time to time I play games like World of Warcraft.

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