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Eldridge Campaign Invitation

Eldridge Needs Heroes!

Its spring in the year 4006 AoT and all is not well in the Barony of Eldridge. Attacks by goblins in the north and orcs in the south and east of the region are growing both in frequency and boldness. The Baron of Eldridge has called for ‘those of brave heart and strong arms to step forth in this time of crisis.’

Will you answer the call?

Those who answer may get more than they bargained for as they adventure far and wide. They will battle fearsome foes, overcome formidable obstacles, and by the end of the campaign, may even save the kingdom from tyranny and destruction.

Game Information The campaign will be using the 3.5 edition rules and will have four first level characters. There are a variety of races and classes available to chose from. Characters begin as part of a village militia unit fighting against evil raiders.

- Your age and level of experience are not important. - No role playing or D&D experience necessary as we are willing to teach. - Attitude, respect and consistent attendance are key for the group. - There is a no smoking rule at the table and no alcohol is permitted. - There will be one fifteen minute break about halfway through the session. - The campaign style will be approx. 50% hack & slash and 50% role playing. - Experience points will be awarded normally but character advancement will be paced according to the story. - This is not a campaign for players looking for fast bumps in level or into power gaming. - Players are responsible for keeping their characters up to date using an Excel sheet provided.

The game takes place in Pierrefonds near St-Charles Blvd. and Pierrefonds Blvd. which is located on the western end of Montreal. If you don’t have a car, there are two buses that pass fairly close. The campaign will play weekly either Friday or Sunday from 7pm to 10pm but this could vary a little depending on what works best for the group.

If you would be interested in becoming a hero please contact us through our website at

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