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Local game looking for more players updated 8/2018
2018-08-30 23:34:59

We are looking for a new player for our long running rpg group.

We play a home brew campaign for Pathfinder and are getting ready to start a StarFinder game for twist.

There is currently 3 of us, all near 40. We are laid back and enjoy all things pop culture, comics, movies and such.

Mature players preferred. A good fit in the group is important.

Rules layers need not apply. We have been playing for the past 10 years and we still learn or relearn the rules. The story and the fun atmosphere are what keep us going.

We play on Thursday nights here in Lansing at my house, in the basement of course!

We welcome a new player and if you wanted to someday run a game of your own, welcome! There is plenty of times when the main game gets long and we like to change it up.

Our biggest problem with past players has been a attendance. We meet weekly and understand real life issue come up for all of us, but its hard to play a game when someone is always missing time.

If this sounds like a group for you, send me a note and maybe we can give it a try.

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