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2014-07-21 02:27:36

I'm in the ramapo mountains for at least a month and willing to travel as far as Wayne or Paramus (About 40min). I have played M:tA and d20 systems regularly. I prefer a nice mix of roleplay and rollplay. I can GM if desired. Long story short, I am bored.

If this looks familiar, I also posted on r/lfg a few weeks ago. I have one person who is interested in Clifton. Fair warning, I do expect a baseline level of maturity. I have been using a myth-weavers game forum to coordinate. Feel free to send me a message--I am blouc there as well--and I'll invite you to the game.

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2014-10-26 18:28:59

Hiya Blouc. I'm in Elmwood Park and am looking for a game. Let me know if you're still looking to crank one up.


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