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Is there anybody out there?
2010-11-04 07:28:33


Omnis Ludus is seeking players for two games.

The first is a far future science fiction game set in a post scarcity society. This will probably be relatively militaristic (though I don't plan on it being primarily combat driven). This will probably meet Wednesday afternoon/evenings. Telecommuters (Skype, etc.) welcome!

The second is a fantasy game set in a "loosely historical" Earth during the Crusades. There will be magic and monsters and all the stuff you expect from a fantasy game, but it will be of the appropriate style for the setting. This will probably meet on Sunday afternoon/evenings. I would rather keep this group in the flesh, but that is at most a secondary consideration.

A few notes: -I am located in the Rogers Park area of North Chicago. I'm willing to do a reasonable amount of travel to game, and I am also willing to host. In other words, we can find a way to make this work. -If you would like to play, but cannot make those times mentioned, please let me know. We may be able to work something out. -I like to run a somewhat realistic game (magic will not be an everyday kind of thing). I like it gritty. -I prefer players to develop the psychological side of their characters. I don't mean a scholarly behavioral analysis, but I would like you (the player) to have a good idea of what makes them tick. -I plan on using the Alternity game system (though for the Crusades game it will have been tailored to fit). -I am always happy to meet other gamers, even if joining our game isn't in the cards right now.

Interested? Let's talk!

If you have questions or comments, or anything else, please shoot an email to:


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2013-01-19 00:53:40

Hello names Chris and Im 31 and a complete newbie but Ive been looking for a DnD game to join somewhere near the Portland area. So If your group is looking for a new addition and doesnt mind a 31 yr old newb let me know.

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