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2016-04-17 15:19:27

Hey I noticed your gaming group and was interested to learn more.

I used to game regularly but the group has goten more difficult to nail down recently, family commitments getting in our way. So I am looking around to see who else is playing perhaps more often :)

I have played 3.5 and more recently Pathfinder with plenty of the books to go along with.

I enjoy Magic the gathering though I am not up to date on the decks, and enjoy a range of board games and other card games.

My wife is an avid gamer but hasn't played in a few years, but is sympathetic to the cause. She will likely not start up again any time soon with the young family we have however.

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2016-04-26 22:00:47

Hey, this mirrors my situation almost perfectly (other than not having a young family myself), so here showing sympathy and interest. I hail from the Antioch area, and I am looking for a D&D 3.5, pathfinder, or MTG group to semi-regularly hang with. As of right now, I can only bring myself to the table, but I might have a friend from my old table who would want to start something up as well.

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