Boise D&D Next players: Can I join?

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2014-03-25 17:16:15

I'm looking for a group with room for another player. D&D Next is my preferred game, but I know 4e and 3.5 well enough (and 2e and AD&D and Basic). I haven't played Pathfinder.

I'm comfortable with either dice-focused or roleplaying-focused games, just not particularly skilled at either. That is, I don't care about optimal character builds but I'm also okay with not having any character backstory. I will do funny voices, though. I would happily play a readymade character tailored to fit the needs of your party or campaign, but I don't want to hear any talk about "tanks" and "strikers" and whatnot.

I'm late 30's so I'd rather play with people over 30, although I do have friends in their 20's so I guess not everybody that age is an inhuman scumbag. (That's a joke.)

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