Worldwide GaryCon This Weekend!



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Female gamer looking for more players.
2008-03-06 19:08:47

I found this posted on the Troll Lord Games message board, and I think it's a great idea.

"This was brought up on another board as a way to honor Gary, and I think its a great idea. We've already had folks sign up on RPGnet, theRPGsite, SJ Games, ENWorld, and others! So if you plan to sling the dice this weekend, let everyone know! If you haven't in a while, dust those books off and get your game on! If you know of a board, site, or blog where you suspect there are some gamers who'd want to know about this, or perhaps hadn't played in a while, take the initiative to post it to one other website and encourage them to play! Let's make this a gaming weekend across the globe for Gary!!!

Quote: By now most of you have seen the news about Gary Gygax.

I suggest that as a way of honoring Gary Gaygax we have a "GaryCon" across the globe this Friday and Saturday night.

By "We" - I mean every gamer possible who plays RPGs. Everywhere.

All of us play either Dungeons & Dragons this Friday and Saturday night


We play the RPG rules system of our choice - but we do a typical D&D-type dungeon crawl. ...either Friday or Saturday night.

Everywhere....every city or town possible.

- Ed Charlton"


(For those that may not have books readily available, I mentioned a few free games at my blog. Feel free to add others on your own). _________________ I believe in a GM, not a system, controlling the game.

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DND Minis, Battletech, Star Wars Minis, GURPS
2008-03-10 21:51:58

What about a worldwide dungeon crawl on some fantasy MMORP?

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