Anybody running a gritty Traveller game?

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2011-09-06 00:25:18

Hi there,

anybody running a gritty street level Traveller game?

I'd love to play again but GM rotation is also an option.

cheers -gumbo

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2012-01-14 05:33:31

I'm not running a gritty Traveller game, but I wrote a script for the pilot episode of a web video series set in the Traveller setting, with a pretty gritty tone.

Did you ever find the game you're looking for? The reason I ask is I'm thinking of setting up an online Traveller game every other week.

Traveller, Indies, OneShots, Beer&Pretzels
2012-09-16 21:29:01

Hi Todd,

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. There seems to be no notification system here if somebody reponds to your posts.

I didn't find THAT game yet (Seems I'll have to run it myself.), but I recently played in a GURPS modern day police campaing what was GMed by a guy who works for the german federal police. So we learned a healthy dose of police procedures and tactics and in the end we even used sign language to comunicate player-to-player during our arrests. Pure fun for the simulationist in me.

How is that web series coming along?

I've never tried online gaming and seeing that you are located in the staates I guess our schedules wouln't lineup anyway.

cheers -gumbo

2016-09-09 13:03:37

I forgot this website even exists. Yeah, lack of notification about replies is definitely a problem. You replied here four years ago and I just now saw it!

The online Traveller game ran its course. It lasted a couple years. And I never fleshed out that web series idea, but am working on a different web series now.

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