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DM of a 3.5 Eberron campaign (Looking for players)
2014-12-11 00:15:02

My 2nd and 4th Wednesdays group is looking for players. We are 30-somethings who play Eberron (v. 3.5) at my (pets/kids free) place near Tanasbourne. It's a new group, and we're pretty laid back and story-centric. If you're interested, send me a message.

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have 5 acre farm for fun
2014-12-28 04:55:05

Im in Salem area Michael 503-991-4263

— freespiritbiker
In search of where I'm wanted
2015-12-02 20:56:35

I don't know if you're still seeking players, but I just tripped over this yesterday and on the surface it's very appealing to my fiancé and I. We live in a nearby part of Hillsboro, are in our late 30s, and have some 3.5 experience (myself more so than him) and a good collection of 3.5 books. We're also fans of Eberron, both the broad strokes of what's there and the explicit encouragement to make the setting one's own instead of nitpicking fine-grained canon details. Story is definitely our priority over combat, though I have some degree of skill at optimization which I primarily use to make unusual ideas work as a build.

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