LF Pathfinder players, Tucson UA area

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2018-02-25 21:54:22

Hello, first time posting. I've had a PF group that's been together for almost two years, but due to various RL stuff outside of the game (people moving, schedule conflicts, and other such stuff) it's finally whittled down to just me and my domestic partner. I have at least one friend who wants to join up with us but he won't have time until after the current semester.

We live walking distance from the UA main campus and we can easily host a weekly game. I have a small collection of PF books on location (6 main rulebooks, 6 smaller splat books) as well as two map sheets, wet-erase markers, and a variety of 3rd party options. We are older players (middle-aged) so we prefer to play at home rather than go out.

We are very easy-going and drama-free people on the whole. Our games tend to be very role-play oriented and we are more interested in story progression and player interaction than combat or power-leveling, so if that's the sort of game you like too, then you may be a good fit! And if you are more of an amateur player without a lot of game time under your belt, that's great too! Come learn the ropes with us, we're happy to try to help you become a better player.

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