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2017-08-03 06:31:04

Two Epics at Nuke-Con!

Nuke-Con, can now announce our Epics. So as well as hosting AL Admin Claire Hoffman running her Authored Only Adventure DDAO-15 Debts to be Paid, Nuke-Con will also run two Epics in Omaha NE, Oct, 6-8!

DDEP07-01 Peril at the Port. Keep on the Borderlands: Grand Assault, D&D EPIC.

Regional previews are DDAL07-03 A Day at the Races. DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park. DDAL07-05 Whispers in the Dark.

And leading up to the Grand Assault is the Keep on the Borderlands: Caves of Chaos An Adventurer's League adventure for characters level 1-4. The lands where civilized folk dwell are few and far between. Always the forces of Chaos press upon its borders, seeking to enslave its populace and steal its treasures. This is a series of 8 2-hr mini-mods and it's best if people play a bunch of them before the Grand Assault.

As well as Fai Chen's Fantastical Faire - including AL Admin special certs!

We need DMs! Please contact me if you're interested. We'll have slot Zero Thursday night and Friday morning. As well as a Slot Fini for DMs only possibly with Claire Hoffman in attendance!

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