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2008-01-09 23:17:38

Our weekly Sunday RPG group is currently looking for one more player. We're high-functioning grown-ups, late-20s to early-40s, looking for more of the same. We rotate GMing duties, 2-4 months at a stretch; and weekly hosting duties. Current members are in SF and Oakland; prospective members should be in those cities or adjacent. We play Sundays ~2-7PM.

Current games include Pendragon, Dogs in the Vineyard, and Engel (True20).

Past games have included Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Earthdawn, L5R, Ars Magica, and TORG.

We do NOT play: D&D, Palladium, World of Darkness.

Experience is not as important as attitude:

* No munchkins, no method actors. No gloomcookies. * Bathe and brush your teeth. Every day (you'd be surprised... well, maybe not...). * Learn & follow the rules, don't scour them for loopholes or get bent out of shape at GM rulings. * Be able to speak in character; be accepting of OOC discussions. * Enjoy politics, drama, literature, and history for their own sake, but willingly suspend disbelief. * Don't take gaming (or yourself) too seriously, but don't be a goof. * Do commit to showing up regularly, and on time.

For more details, see our Web site.

— Running DCC and FATE Core ancient Rome fantasy

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