DMing 3.5 Faerun in Southampton.

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D&D v3.5 experienced player. Interested in others.
2009-03-02 15:38:24

Players needed ofcourse! I only have 3 confirmed so far. A friend of mine is a very experienced DM and suggested I have atleast 5/6 since I am hoping to start one that will run often. Most probably once a week since more than that will be very hard for the majority of people.

I am new as a DM, but I am experienced as a player. I have a experienced DM who'll be in he group and help me if I need it. I'm looking for anyone willing to play. I don't care about experience or lack-there-of since we all started somewhere. In my mind it's wrong to alienate those that are new and want to give it a try.

To contact me, please email me at so that we can discuss things further.

Everyone will be starting at 1st level since this makes things simple for me and any inexperienced players who join. I am willing to accept races from the Faerun campaign setting (Sun Elves, Gold Dwarves, ect) but I won't accept those that have a level adjustment because that would be far too powerful and I wan to try to keep this simple.

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