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Thinks the thinker should of thought better
2008-03-07 18:55:20

i allways liked the artowrk any one know where some good art work is?

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Captain HeadWound Lives!
2008-03-16 12:35:13

Dude! it's the internet! Find a Search engine where you can turn of the results filter and type it in! (If I have to add "then press enter" then somebody will be set on fire!) Or there is always dedicated Art sites such as where you can look for it.

Good luck!


and yes, there will be irrelvant images and poetry, but such is the nature of such things.

(sorry if I seem patronising, but I used to work an IT helpdesk.)

Thinks the thinker should of thought better
2008-03-20 17:46:25

Its cool just that everysight i go to has like a few pictures then its weird shit like muntains and i just want to see cool artwork

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