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Game: - D&D 3.5 Narator: - John M Synopsis:- You are the newest batch of young wyrmling custodians. each of you is from a different clan of the Io’s blood islands and from now until you reach juvenile age you will be working for the council of wyrms to help maintain peace and order between the different clans. This if often a difficult task but the great wyrm Mykell has managed to do just this as the Grand Custodian for 1000 years now. It is a big responsibility to live up to and many of the weaker wyrmlings among you have had extra training to help bring them up to the level of the stronger wyrmlings.

For your first official task you are sent to investigate the blight that has come on the island of fang, an uncivilized island often used to test the combat skills of young dragons of the council, your quest is not only to do that but to find the source of what is affecting the island which seems to be causing both plant and animal to fall gravely ill.

Information about the pre-generated characters:- There will be 6 pre-generated characters made:

1:level 1 barbarian, red dragon wyrmling 2:level 6 cleric, brass dragon wyrmling 3: level 5 wizard, sapphire dragon wyrmling 4:level 2 monk, crystal dragon wrymling 5: level 5 rogue, black dragon wyrmling 6: level 1 warrior, sliver dragon wyrmling (silver dragons can take an alternate form from wyrmling age)

All characters are effective class level 12 (ECL 12), people can make their own character as long as it is a true dragon, either chromatic, metallic or gem, and it is ECL 12

If anyone has any questions about this game please ask me in a PM to keep this thread clear for sign up posts.

Players: - 4-6 venue: The Black Lion 59-61 High Street, E13 0AD Plaistow tube

dates: 28 Feb 2013 - 14 Mar 2013 time and day of the week: thursday evenings from 7 pm - 11pm

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