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Inde Gamer and Otaku
2008-01-02 18:42:50

I see a lot of people interested in indie RPGs -- particularly Dogs in the Vineyard and Spirit of the Century -- near me. Is anyone interested in getting together for something? I'd be willing to run if I had to, but I'd love to actually PLAY one or the other of those games, or Primetime Adventures or whatnot...

I can offer up my apartment as a place to play, though it is very, very small and I have cats. :)

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Not all my games are really about foreign policy.
2008-01-02 20:51:20

Not to step on Xiombarg's toes, but if anyone reading this is closer in to Baltimore, I'm in the process of recruiting for a Burning Empires game. If you'd like in, message me - I'm planning a "pitch" session for next Wednesday (1/9/08).

Also, I'd be interested in linking up with other nearby folks for other games, time, interest, and mutual tolerance of character flaws permitting.

- Daniel

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