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Gary N. Mengle
2009-08-12 18:52:06

So I've recently (in the last two weeks) moved to (currently) sunny Columbus, Ohio. Back in the old days of RPGNet, there were gamers aplenty here, but I've lost track, and I need to get involved in some gaming in short order before I go berserk.

So, RPGNetters of Columbus, what's going on down here? A few points:

- I know about Origins. Our new locale will simplify going greatly.

- I also know about Ravenstone Games, to which I've been several times, the Soldiery (to which I've been once) and the Guard Tower (to which I've - shockingly - never been.) Any other local game shops I need to be aware of?

- I also know about CABS, the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society. Not sure how interested I am in becoming a hardcore boardgamer, although I'll likely stop by a meeting in the near future.

- There is allegedly a gaming club based on the Ohio State campus. As I'm not yet a student there I'm not sure what the policy is, but eventually I will certainly touch base with them.

- What hapenned to CapCon? Is that still going on? The location where it used to be held (years agone,) the Ohio Union, is currently closed for extreme renovation.

- Any local games looking for players, or players looking for a GM?

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