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It's all about telling an awesome story
2012-08-06 04:22:39

Hi, friends... I'm looking for a few good players to buff up the roster of an established FATE gaming circle. We meet every other Sunday from noon to six(-ish), with the next meeting being 8/12. We meet at my apartment in Sunnyvale, CA.

Were currently playing a mid-power-level DFRPG campaign set in SF. We rotate games and campaigns every few months, with DFRPG coming up often. Our other standby is Sky Pirates Of Eberron, a rollicking swashbuckling adventure in a Magepunk setting imported from D&D to Legends of Anglerre.

I'm an experienced FATE GM with a laid back style that rewards player creativity. I'm always more than happy to let a crazy player scheme override whatever a mere GM may have planned! I'm also happy to hand over the reins to another GM and take a rotation as a PC.

If any of thus sounds interesting to you, let me know. Otherwise, sorry for taking up your time. Cheers!

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Willing to play anything with a good group!
2012-08-23 03:23:50

Hey. I'm looking to get into a new game and saw yours. I'm up in Santa Rosa (bit of a drive but not too far) and might be interested in your game. I have read the Strands of Fate system as well as the DFRPG cover to cover. I've GM'd a lot of Dresden but I have, more or less, a complete lack of player-side experience. I'm hoping to be able to get more of that =)

I consider myself much more of a "role" player than a "roll" player and I tend to be less favorable toward hardcore power gaming and, especially, meta-gaming. I understand that everyone does it sometimes (myself included) but when people unabashedly do it, the game suffers.

As for other system experience, I've played a lot of dnd3.5, shadowrun, and one shots of various systems. I tend to believe that the system/setting aren't nearly as important as the people you play it with.

Anyway, not sure if I'd necessarily be what you're looking for but, if I am, feel free to send me a message =)

Cheers! ~Sitrein

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