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2012-09-28 12:33:54

Hullo. Moved to Walthamstow in London recently (I was dragged here by my wife, I swear it!) and looking to find a role playing game group to join. I'm thirty-five, in case you care. I'm looking to join a social but serious group that meets regularly (not weekends though, I have a young daughter and I like to spend time with her). Weekly or 2-3 times a month was how my last group ran. I can't really offer to host (house too small, young child too likely to wake up when someone yells out "Critical hit!")

I am primarily interested in 3.5 D&D, but I have been known to dabble in other systems. ShadowRun and Exalted come to mind. I am not particularly interested in larping or wargaming or boardgames or Rifts or Gurps.

I have run as often as I've played, if not more. I tend to like campaigns and not one offs. I like role-playing and invest heavily in my characters, but I like rolling dice, killing monsters, and levelling-up too! As a general rule, I like to play heroic (and sometimes doomed) characters.

If you're after a player that will pay attention to your intricately woven storyline, and show up consistantly, contact me.

Thanks for your time

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