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NearbyGamers General
2014-08-28 01:45:04

My girlfriend and I would like to find a group that holds D&D or GURPS Tabletop RPGs.
We used to play at our local Comic Store (Comic Store West) but haven't been able to attent because of work.
We are laid back, willing to learn, and very easy going and fun.
We would like to find a group that plays in the evenings or during the weekends.

Available times:
1. Monday and Thursdays after 5pm.
2. Weekends (Any Time).

I should mention that I have GM'ed a couple campaigns but, I am NOT looking to be a GM, I would like to be a PC for a change.

Dice games we've played include;
1. D&D 3/3.5
2. Violence (GTA Tabletop)
3. GURPS: Fallout and Nazie Zombies

Board and Card Games
1. Munchkins: Cthulhu & Apocalypse (S.J. Games)
2. Arkham Horror.
3. Wonderland (Zenscope Entertainment
4. Illuminati (S.J. Games)
5. Magic: The Gathering
6. Pokemon

What We are looking for in a Game:
1. Good Story/Campaign.
2. Sci-Fi.
3. Fantasy.
4. Sci-fi-Fantasy.

What we are looking for in players:
1. Friendly.
2. Like minded.
3. Free Thinkers.
4. Say anything on your mind and/or Not easily offended by anything that is said.
5. (Optional) A mixture of male and female players.

Thank you.

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Queer Portland gamer
2015-08-25 22:56:44

If you are still seeking a group, I am putting one together for a GURPS Western Horror game in SE PDX.

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