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looking for D&D 4E players!
2008-07-17 22:08:21

Hey all!

I DM a 4th edition group currently and we have 5 members. We're starting to wish we had a cleric though so if anyone is interrested in joining i'd love to talk with you. We play in the Chandler / Gilbert area in Airzona usally on one of the weekend days (mostly saturday afternoons / evenings)



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2008-07-17 22:39:15

I DM a 4th edition group currently and we have 5 members
So, I know this has nothing to do with your recruitment post, but I'm curious what pros/cons you are finding with 4E over 3(.5)E? Are you finding the new At-Will/Encounter/Daily system better than the old spell system? What about the class balance (besides the fact that you found the need for a cleric) and racial balance?

Post more reviews!!!

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