D&D 3.5 Looking for 1-2 Players.

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2013-09-29 22:19:58

Hey all!

I'm currently running a long term D&D 3.5 Campaign in the Ravenloft Setting, and am looking for a few new players. We meet every Sunday from 3-10pm. With some recent changes in players schedules, some of my current players haven't been able to attend as often, and so I am looking to add 1-2 players that will be able to attend on a regular basis.

A good primer to the game can be found at the OP link above. I am looking for players that wish to make characters that are interesting rather than just min-maxed - Players that can add to the on-going story shown in the OP entry. We have been known to not have combat for a session from time to time, though this is still definitely D&D

We are based in Eden Prairie, MN. PM or Reply to this thread if you're interested or have questions.

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