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2018-06-18 22:47:27

So I'm looking to start up a few new games. Let me know if you are interested, what days would be good for you and what game idea you like. Days that are good for me are...

Friday nights 7pm to 11pm once every two weeks (alternating weeks)

Saturday night 6pm to 11pm (alternating weeks)

Sunday 1pm and on. (Alternating weeks)

I have 4 pathfinder ideas and one meckton.

Pathfinder games

Return of the blood lord. A pack of gnolls have dug up an ancient evil and the PC soon find themselves on the front line of stoping it.

The riseing of VaCume The stars are in alinment, the time is nigh, the great devourer will rise. But an old prophecy says a group of heroes might be able to stop it.

The Jade regent Your friend turns out to be the heir of a farway kingdom. But to claim it she must travel far over the crown of the world to a strange and exotic land.

The caves of madness One mega dungeon, filled with monsters and mystery.

Meckton Clasic giant robot war. You are part of a specail unit, whiel the Colonies fight for independence.

Also contact me at

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