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Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2008-12-07 00:00:36

Once again I am seeking players on the East Side of Metro Detroit. I am in the northwest corner of Saint Clair Shores, about a mile from Lake Saint Clair. I hope to gather a regular gaming group for boardgames and roleplaying. Anyone out there?

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A man, a plan, a canal: Panama!
2009-01-22 21:06:06

I'm out here.

Give me an email sometime.

Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-01-23 20:01:53

Still not living on the East Side, still willing to drive it. I drive out to Ann Arbor 2-3 times a week, it's no farther than that.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-01-31 11:34:13

I'm still in the same boat, can't offer a place to play due to cramped living conditions. Perhaps we can find a quiet public venue in a pinch.

Clan Fox Terran Headquarters
2009-03-31 02:23:48

I am looking for a gaming group and have a spanking newly furnished place to play. I'd be willing to try some new games, if the group would occasionally indulge me in some of my old ones. (Hate to think I bought all that stuff for nothing..)

Eastpointe is definately in your neck of the woods.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-01 22:36:23

Khaaaaaan! Khaaaaaan!

Er... ah... please excuse my Star Trek flashback, and welcome to the area. :)

Of the various games you list in your profile, I'm most familiar with Heavy Gear and Robotech. I've also done some historical minis gaming at conventions over the years... mostly medieval, American Civil War and squad-level World War 2... and, once upon a time, I assembled a half-decent 40K Space Marine force. Don't own any of those books or minis any longer, sadly.

Clan Fox Terran Headquarters
2009-04-02 06:11:43

I'm getting to the point of as long as I can play _SOMETHING_ I'll be happier.. *chuckle* I pick up new games pretty quick, and I've worked for company demonstration teams in the past (FASA Marauder) so I can teach games pretty well too. Whole problem has been finding anyone who wants to play.. I know the gamers are out there, they just seem to keep to themselves. Heh, and the Khan is a battletech reference..

Thanks for the welcome, hopefully we can get a game of something together some time.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-02 09:18:35

We can always start with a night of boardgames and build from there, if nothing else. Any games, settings or genres you prefer to avoid, as far as roleplaying is concerned? I note you list mainly space opera/mecha stuff...

Clan Fox Terran Headquarters
2009-04-02 16:24:42

Actually I'm pretty flexible. My imagination can go just about anywhere, what I list is just where I tend to go when left to my own devices. I take it from the question that others in the area seem to favor fantasy settings?

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-03 03:59:45

Nah, sci-fi seems more the current trend. I like a good game of Pendragon, but of late my interests have been leaning more toward pulps, space opera and steampunk.

Clan Fox Terran Headquarters
2009-04-03 16:12:08

The Mechwarrior role playing game is fairly solid, and I certianly have a plethora of materials available. All the relevant sourcebooks, galaxy maps, and enough Battletech stuff to run tabletop versions of 'Mech or personal combat of just about any sort one could imagine. It can be played on many scales, from local trouble in a single city, to grand space-operatic pieces with the fate of the galaxy in the balance.

It's also fairly easy to pick up off E-bay or amazon if you wanted a peek at the rules yourself. Either Mechwarrior 3rd edition or "Classic Battletech RPG" which is basically the same rules repackaged to avoid Wiz Kid's use of the word "Mechwarrior"

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-03 20:13:50

I have a PDF of the Classic BattleTech RPG somewhere, but have never given it more than a cursory skim. Heavy Gear and Mekton Zeta were my giant robot games of choice.

Clan Fox Terran Headquarters
2009-04-04 03:40:14

Hmm, never actually played Mekton. Though I do have old skool Robotech, and even the new Shadow Chronicles Book from Palladium.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-04 10:36:49

I bought the Robotech books as source material for conversions to other systems. Worked well with the old West End Star Wars rules.

Clan Fox Terran Headquarters
2009-04-04 21:35:59

Well, if you wanted to start with boardgames, I do have Last Night on Earth, the survival horror zombie game. I also have the boxed expansion and several of the other expansions (Happened to be at Gen Con the past two years when the game and expansions were released respectively) It's pretty fun, just need about three other people to have a full table for it.

If we can gather such a group, we could all compare stockpiles of game systems and figure out something that everyone wants to play.

Here's hoping.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-05 05:29:16

I have quite a few boardgames, all of which should be listed in my profile (plus a few I no longer own). Most are good for a few hours' play, a couple (mainly old Avalon Hill games) would require a full evening. I tend to buy stuff that will work for groups as small as two and as many as six. :)

Clan Fox Terran Headquarters
2009-04-05 05:35:57

Hmm, so the only question left is when are we gonna stop talking about it and start planning? *grins*

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-05 07:25:01

I'm pretty much available any time, though at the moment I don't have a car. Let's pick a night on some near-future weekend... the one following Tax Day might be a good choice... and an alternate, then see whether we have enough people to get something going.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-05 11:00:31

Just sent this out to a handful of people...

"It's in the tentative stages currently, but the idea is to spend an afternoon or evening playing a few boardgames, get to know one another, and perhaps discuss roleplaying games which interest us as well as times people might be able to play. I have an array of stuff I can run, I imagine others do also."

Clan Fox Terran Headquarters
2009-04-05 17:10:05

Sounds good. As close as you are, transport should be arangeable.

Now we see if anyone bites.

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