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2018-01-29 03:53:25

Hey there! I live in Tacoma (by the mall) and have experience GMing. I've been really itching to play lately and would be happy to run a campaign for some new people. My wife is also looking to play. I have a decent amount of source materials as well as the requisite 3 main books. We don't have any kids, so it's not too hard for us to travel if someone else has a place to host. My apartment is fairly small. Let me know if you all want to meet up!

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2018-02-01 16:42:54

hi im jonathan im looking for a game master to host a session for me via skype if you could. Please contact me at 7578493731 or email

I like dragons, aliens are good too
2018-05-16 17:41:42

Still lfg? I have a game with spots starting up in puyallup.

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