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2010-07-12 21:00:53

I'm looking for a few players who want to play Apocalypse World or In A Wicked Age, or both.

Apocalypse World is (as it says on the box) a post-apocalyptic game. It's been about 50 years since whatever it was ended civilization. The world is broken and burned, and the characters are making the best lives they can out of what's left. Of course, there's never enough of anything to go around, and so the characters had better be armed....

In A Wicked Age is an episodic story game set in a Conanesque world. (As in the stories, not as in the movies or any of Conan's imitators.) It's the kind of world where a sorceress in a bronze mask can command enormous armies, and a chaste maiden can defy her; where human sacrifice makes certain dark gods very pleased, and a gladiator can become a king. It has several interesting mechanics, including some that only show up in sessions after the first, and so I'm interested in playing a few games of it.

Contact me here if you're interested.

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