GURPS 4th Ed in Mira Mesa area

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GURPS GM, and Player
2008-12-05 18:17:43

Our North San Diego County GURPS group has relocated, and now we play in Mira Mesa, usually on Saturday nights. We are looking for players, and an additional GM. I run some Banestorm, but our other GM has moved out of state, and I need a break, and a chance to play. We will play in any GURPS 4th Ed genre, and aren't only intyerested in fantasy type games.

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2009-05-06 02:36:49

Sounds interesting, I'm used to DMing DnD and would be willing to swap off DMing. however it would take me a bit to get a hang of Gurps as I've not played that system. Kick me an email to if your still looking for people.

Not D&D
2014-07-20 01:45:46

I have GURPS 3rd edition...would be interested in trying 4th depending on the genre/setting.

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