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2008-03-25 20:45:08

Need players for a bi-monthly game, Saturdays 2pm - 6pm.

Once upon a time, back on the east coast, I played in a group that had a cool arrangement. The gamers brought their significant others, and their kids (if any) along. Everybody had a potluck dinner together, or ordered pizza/chinese/whatever. Then, the gamers/interested spouses/interested kids set up to play the rpg. Those who weren't interested in playing hung out and socialized together (maybe with the TV on), also keeping an eye on the kids, in another room. (Eventually the kids crashed.) In this way we got disinterested spouses interested in playing, we got the kids interested as they grew older, and we had a nice group of friends to socialize with. Spouses didn't feel so neglected, and we could end up expanding the number of players. So, anybody interested in something like that? Gaming, and dinner? I have a non-gaming wife, and a five year old daughter. One of our current players has a wife who also socializes.

Finally, we're switching off on GM duties. There is a Savage Worlds fantasy game in the rotation. Interested in GMing? Here are some games I'd like to play:

- 1st ed AD&D (in Judges Guild's Wilderlands/City States, Mystara, Midkemia, Blackmoor, Lankhmar, Oriental Adventures, Spelljammer, the original Dragonlance series of modules, or Thieves World) - Fading Suns (not d20) - 2nd ed AD&D or D&D Rules Cyclopedia, worlds as above - 2nd ed Runequest in Glorantha (especially Prax, or their Oriental setting) - Stormbringer (any edition) - Classic Traveller (little black books, in the 3rd Imperium) - some version of Tekumel rp'ing - a Tolkien game of some kind: MERP, ICE, Decipher - Dune RPG - I'd be willing to give Castles & Crusades a try, especially the Gygax materials - and if I get really, really desperate, I might even play 3.0/3.5/4.0 D&D...

Hope to hear from you! Baron_Greystone at Hotmail

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