Loooking for gamers in nassau county!

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Looking for gamers!
2008-11-22 15:31:14

I am a 43 year old gamer who has been gaming off and on since high school. I began with AD&D and have played and/or run 3.0, 3.5, Call of Cthulhu, Palladium RPG, Rifts, TMNT, Beyond the Supernatural, WOD, Warhammer and probably a few others that slip my mind. I am more interested in rp than hack and slash, but definitely prefer some of both to be present in my games. My group games most Friday nights at my place from about 7:30 pm on. We are currently looking for a couple of new members (we number 3-4 including GM). We recently completed a long term 3.5 campaign that went on for several years and are in a period of transition, trying to decide where we are going now...

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