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2010-04-30 03:38:32

'Kobolds Ahoy!' DM: Patrick Crough Players: Jordan Goldenberg, Laina Dodds, Elvin Quiano, Tommy Syvret, Jakob Huels-Elliot, Dylan Burrett,

Status: Full

'The Tales of Eisenfaust' DM: Jordan Goldenberg Players: Jakob Huels-Elliot, Laina Dodds, Dylan Burrett, Patrick Crough, Liam McNeil, Frank Reid,

Status: Full

'The Ravagers of Helgrind' DM: Jordan Goldenberg Players: Brooke Goldenberg, Jasylyn Gareau, Tommy Syvret, Elvin Quiano, Adam Lowry, Sean 'Clyde' Baxter,

Status: Full

'Tommy's 4e Adventure' DM: Tommy Syvret Players: Jordan Goldenberg, Adam Lowry, Jakob Huels-Elliot, Elvin Quiano, Status: Full(?)

'Phantasm Pathfinder Playtest Group' DM: Jordan Goldenberg Players: Grant Anderson, Tommy Syvret, Patrick Crough, Jakob Huels-Elliot, Elvin Quiano, Clyde Baxter, Status: Full

'Phantasm 4e Playtest Group' DM: Tommy Syvret Players: Grant Anderson, Jordan Goldenberg, Adam Lowry, Patrick Crough, Elvin Quiano, Status: Spot Free

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