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2014-03-06 18:41:46

Hello All

Tom here again. We have had a couple of spaces free up in the Monday night game.

We "round robin" the GM hat. Each person runs a scenario for a game that they want to run, if everyone else says ok to that system, and then the GM hat is handed to someone else. So far we have run Cyberpunk 2020, Pathfinder, Star Wars and SLA industries. Each scenario has lasted between 6-8 weeks with another week at the start to sort characters. When it gets around to your slot we generally continue with what you were running, or you can offer a new Game to play.

The emphasis is on Role Play not Rule Play.

Hope to hear back Tom

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2014-09-21 16:15:37

I'm interested in trying some RPGing. I would say I'm more fantasy orientated over Sci-Fi and I'm a huge novice so I would be be comfortable DMing for a while.

Thanks, Zag

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