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2008-01-31 18:24:50

OK! We really don't play in the nude but we are gamers in Spokane, Wahington. Now that I have your attention, please read on.

We're a small group of gamers looking for another player or two. Our group focuses on running a wide variety of games for a few sessions each with the goal of trying out lots of different RPGs. Our tastes range from classic, older RPGs to some of the new indie releases. We're also playtesting games in development.

As we all have lives, commitments and families, game sessions are kept to four hours or less, roughly once a week. We rotate between play locations in Spokane.

We're looking for 1-2 more players who are experienced and who are able to GM on a rotating basis. We also need people with FLEXIBLE schedules. We have to accommodate some odd work schedules, so game times vary a lot. One week, we may play Wednesday evening at 6pm. another week, we might meet Saturday morning at 9am. The goal is to find times that everone can make it.

So, if you have a flexible schedule, RPG experience and a desire to flex your gaming muscles, contact me and we'll work you in!

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